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Cambridge City Road User Charge


December 2022
Road User Charge

The Greater Cambridge Partnership (‘GCP’) is proposing to introduce a ‘road user charge’, covering Cambridge City and parts of South Cambridgeshire. The charge would operate on weekdays from 7am-7pm. The proposed charge levels for cars and motorbikes would be £5, with higher charge levels for larger vehicles. Some drivers would be eligible for exemptions, discounts or reimbursements. I understand the GCP intends to invest the revenue raised in improving bus services, including reducing bus fares. Further details can be found here:GCP Making Connections 2022 | Consult Cambridgeshire (

Lucy Frazer, our local MP, has been working hard over many years to improve local bus services in South East Cambridgeshire, most recently fighting to protect the ‘Ely Zipper’, as well as fighting against Stagecoach’s cuts to local bus services. Lucy is not currently convinced that the proposed road charging zone is the right way forward for our area.

Lucy also recognises that many of the constituents have significant concerns about road pricing, particularly the financial impact the GCP proposals could have on those individuals, families and businesses who need to travel into the charging zone.

It is very important that as the GCP proposals are scrutinised, decision-makers at Cambridgeshire County Council, South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridge City Council hear the views of local residents. That is why today I am launching an online survey to gather the views of my constituents. The survey can be accessedHERE and will be open for one month, closing 7th December 2022. As the GCP is currently holding a public consultation on its proposals, the responses I receive will feed into my submission to the consultation.

Village Defibrillator



January 2021

The village has a defibrillator located in the Community Rooms at the end of Silverley Way.

There is no requirement for any training to effectively use the defibrillator, It has simple instructions and voice prompts to tell you what to do at each step. Defibrillators can be a life saving device for someone suffering heart attack, but need to be administered within minutes of the onset of an attack. It is best that you familiarise yourself to the location just in case it is ever needed in an emergency.

The image shows the building where the equipment is located. It is in the entrance foyer. The post code  of the location is CB8 9DY and it has a 'What Three Words' address of 'winks.majoring.trees'. 

The defibrillator was made possible by funds very kindly donated by Sanctuary Housing.